Tree Surgeon Luton

The tree surgeon Luton is a qualified tree service professional. His services are diverse and range from tree removal to stump grinding and hedge maintenance among other works. Having undergone extensive hands on training, he is capable of providing professional services to his clientele.

Main Tree Surgeon Luton Tasks

Tree surgeons have many different responsibilities. Tree surgeon Luton main tasks on a day to day basis include:

1. Planting of trees, hedges, shrubs, and bushes according to the client's specifications

2. Maintenance of the planted trees and shrubs to ensure they grow in the desired
characteristics so they can attain the right size.

3. Diagnosing the problems that plague the growing plants, for example, attack by disease or by pests that may kill the planted materials.

4. Emergency response in situations that were unexpected such as trees that block roads or fall on houses during storms.

Characteristics of Tree Surgeon Luton

The tree surgeon Luton has the following characteristics:

• Friendly and professional customer service from all the staff with the company
• Provide succinct answers to any questions the customer may have including providing
quotations and action plans for if they are given the job.
• On time service delivery with prompt responses to concerns by the client.
• Ensure protection of the customer’s property. Tree surgeon Luton will make sure that all the debris left from the job done is cleared leaving the client’s property intact.

Tree Surgeon Luton Skills

To provide the quality service that he does, the tree surgeon Luton is skilled in different ways. These skills are required in his day to day running of his business. Here are examples of skills the tree surgeon Luton has:

• The tree surgeon Luton is a highly skilled communicator both in the written and spoken
word. This helps to understand the client’s requirements and expectations. It is also crucial when in the field as he has to coordinate with the rest of his team while they are carrying out dangerous tasks.

• Most of the equipment used by tree surgeons are dangerous. The tree surgeon Luton is
exceptional when it comes to handling the machinery and equipment used on the job. These include the stump grinder, chainsaws, emergency equipment and even climbing gear.
• Tree surgeon Luton is an excellent climber and is comfortable working at great heights. With the harnesses and zip, they can move and down and from one tree to the other quickly. They also use specialized equipment such as karabiners and spikes for climbing trees.